2020 Car Rodent Mouse Rat Pest Repellent Under Vehicle Hood Boot

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This is a Car Rat Repellent Series Product used to drive away mice, rat, spider and other rodent from your car hood in a very effective way.

Key Features:

✅ Ultrasonic Mice Under Hood Repeller: 3 Stepped Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic wave operating to drive away mice, rat, spider and other rodent from your car hood in most effective way.

✅ Most Effective & Safe way to drive rat away: Strengthen,Variable Ultrasonic wave and Strong LED surrounded in hood, to stimulate and disturb rodents' hearing & Visual system to keep them away from your car.

✅ Non Toxic,No Trapping,No Killing: 4 step Easy Mounting in your Hood

✅ Smart Low battery volt protection: Repeller stops when car battery is in low volt, and Auto-off when car is started.

✅Energy Saving technology: Operates well even when car rests for 30 days.

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  3. Country of Origin : China
  4. The product is Imported / Sourced, and Packed by :
    Akima Internet Private Limited, Gurgaon
    Customer Support Phone : 9990042600 
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Standard 10 days replacement warranty

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