Mini Wireless Car Tyre Inflator with in-built battery

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This Wireless Car tyre inflator is a sleek tyre inflator that goes well with your lifestyle and is an must have device in your car so that you don't get stranded when you have a flat tyre.

Key Features:

✅ Sleek & Wireless : It is portable and wireless tyre inflator for your emergency needs.

✅ Convenient:It is convenient as its comes with inbuilt battery (2000mAH) so that you can inflate your car tyre without looking for power source. 

✅ High performance: Strong magnet motor improves performance and reduces energy consumption, makes the air pump safer and durable 

✅ Advanced technology: Intelligent stop charging with preset tyre pressure

✅ Built-in light: The air pump comes with COB light that you can use in an emergency


Warranty : 6 month replacement for manufacturing defects.

Note : Warranty does not cover any physical damage or damage through improper use.

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  3. Country of Origin : China
  4. The product is Imported / Sourced, and Packed by :
    Akima Internet Private Limited, Gurgaon
    Customer Support Phone : 9990042600 
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Applicable Warranty : 6 months

Terms of warranty

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