Car Tyre Inflator with LED light

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Are you looking for an Tyre Inflator that is stylish & portable? Are you looking at Tyre Inflator that additionally works as an emergency light?  Your wait is over! Introducing Car Tyre Inflator with LED Light. Key Features: Powerful Motor: This tire inflator comes with high power 110W motor for inflating tire within 3-4 minutes. It is limited to DC 12V power supply, so it is best designed to work with all cars. Auto Off Feature: It comes with auto off feature, you need to set the desired pressure for tire, and start the tire inflator. It will automatically turn off, and stop filling air when it reaches the pre-set pressure. You don’t need to stand and keep a track of pressure. Safety Features: On one side you get LED light, so that you can carry out process without any trouble in dark. On other side it has reflector, which is useful while filling air during night on highways or on dark road.  Compact Design: It comes with simple and compact design. You can easily keep it in your car trunk, and will not occupy much space. It comes with 300 cm wire, which makes it easy to use and can reach all four tires easily. Multi-Purpose Inflator: Not only tires, you can use this Tire Inflator to fill air in bicycle tire, football, basketball, rubber dinghy, etc. too. It comes in handy while you go on picnic with your family, to fill air in baby toys etc.
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