Solar Power Rotating Car Air Freshener Perfume, with Organic Fragrance

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This Car Fragrance Diffuser contains plant extracts, and eliminates odors and creates an inviting aroma in your car.

Key Features :-

✅ The smell is mild and non-irritating, non-alcoholic

✅ Safe for babies and Pregnant Women

✅ Long Lasting Aroma

✅ Suitable for all cars

✅ It works on Solar Energy and needs no charging and is good for environment. With Solar energy its rotates and diffuses aroma in 360 degree

✅ It in your home, you can also use it at home in living room, bathroom, kitchen etc.

Note : 

(1) The Solar Car Fragrance Diffuser comes with 1 Mat free in the box.

(2) It's recommended that you buy extra pack of fragrance mats. Buy Refill pack of 3 Fragrance Mats option.

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  3. Country of Origin : China
  4. The product is Imported / Sourced, and Packed by :
    Akima Internet Private Limited, Gurgaon
    Customer Support Phone : 9990042600 
    Support Email :

Standard 10 days replacement warranty

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